25 May 2014 - Some of us visited Kathmandu and some of us came back Kathmandu from Janakpur

This day our plan was for Kathmandu sightseeing. Mr. Suresh had already arranged our great puja in Pashupatinath for this evening but we began our trip from Kathmandu Durbar Square. Some of our family members also joined us at New Road in a market who were coming from Janakpur to Kathmandu flight. We were very much satisfied with Muktinath Yatra friends because Mr. Ravi and Mr. Suresh were planning our enjoyable moments for this day and the next day. After our Basantapur and New Road shopping we went to Sangam, very good restaurant for lunch,

Then Suresh Jee took Saiugeetha and Srilaxmi to Pashupatinath for the preparation of One lakh Deepas in the time of Aarati. Some of us went to hotel for some rest and later Mr. took us to Pashupati and did very good puja with sankalpa and Deep prajawalan, Also we were very much lucky where all four doors of Pashupatinath were open and made good darshan of five Sworupas of Shiva. We made the next day's Guheshwor Shaktipath darshan plan and went to hotel.

Janakpurdham and Kathmandu

We were given good rooms in Janakpur, had nice rest at hotel and early morning went to Dhanus Sagar, Barha Bigha where Rama had broken the Dhanus. Also we repeated the Darshan of Janaki temple this day also. Ravi had arranged all the needful things including vehicle for departure to Kathmandu and we safely flew to Kathmandu. We joined our family in Kathmandu.



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Jai Sri Muktinath ! I am very glad that Muktinath Yatra Private Limited, Nepal is opening their website and dedicating to Yatris from all over the World.

S. Venkatesa Iyengar

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