Joga Rao Nakka, Australia writes after his successful Muktinath Yatra special trip with Acharya Suresh ji " I have been planning to have Sri Muktinath Darshan for a year or so. Due to the bad weather conditions and some unknown reasons, I have missed it last year. I have been praying Lord Mukhtinaath to bless me with His divine Darshan since then.

Finally my dream has come true with the program organised by Muktinath Yatra Pvt Ltd., Saadhana Yatra With Acharya Suresh Sharma Ji.

This program is not simply a pilgrimage or a packaged tour but it’s a spiritual experience with self-enlightenment with the able guidance of revered Acharya Suresh ji.

I’m very glad and privileged to write few words about some of the highlights of my experiences:

Pasupathinaath Temple Visit: This special Panchamrutha abhisheka pooja was organised by them is one of its kind and most memorable moments of my life. I can still feel the vibrations of chanting SriRudram on the most sacred premises of Pasupathinaath temple. This entire pooja was very well and smoothly organised by them.

Jal Narayan Darshan : Acharya Suresh has explained very clearly about the holiness and mythological history of this moorthi and temple in his pravachan. This helped me very well connecting inner self with the divinity of Hara and Hari roopa paramathma. The chanting of Sri Rudram and Vishnu Sahasram in the very early hours of most auspicious day “Akashaya Thruthiya” is a really scintillating devotional experience of my life.

Travel to Pokhara and Bindyavasani Temple Darshan: This temple is located one of the picturesque cities of Nepal , the Pokhara. It’s really a pleasant experience to have Darashan of Maatha ji , the Goddess Bhagavathi. Visiting the Mountaineering museum is most informative and at the same time very entertaining.

Travel to Kagbeni from Jomsom: This is the most difficult bit of the journey of the entire program. Thanks to the Suresh ji and his team for the way it has been organised so smoothly. The accommodation arranged by the team is very good in such remote location of the planet, The food was fantastic served with lovely smiles of the hosts, the RED HOTEL in the premise of 300 years old Lord Buddha Mandir. Meditating in that premises itself is an awesome opportunity in once spiritual path.

Traveling the witnessing the holy rivers of the Krishna and Gandaki one of its kind purifying experience. And then performing most responsible karma of Pithru Tarpanam and pooja patham at the very base foothills this holy Sangamam is heart touching experience of my life. I have deep debt of gratitude to Pt.Suresh ji and his team for organising this very sacred and holy place of the world for Hindus. I have done similar poojas in Kaasi, Prayaga , and Gaya but that never felt this type of connectivity with my elders. My humble salutations to Muktinath Travels.

Pt.Sureshji explained with his unparallel command and the authority of the subject about the importance of Saligrams and his team organised special pooja and meditation on the very auspicious river beds of Krishnagandaki. This is a unique experience of meditating and gaining inner peace while listening to the rejuvenating and reverberating sounds of streams of holy Gandaki.

Expediting and searching for Shaligrams: Shaligram Stones considered direct manifestations of God-Himself (unmade by the hands of an artist/ Shilpi /artisan ) The actual experience of searching for and finding Shaligrams in the Kali-Gandaki River certainly a blessed experience. Searching for Shaligrams is its own kind of darshan. I strongly believe that this experience one can contemplate by having a Divya nija roopa darasanam of Paramathma.

This holy experience ( seeing and being seen by paramatha) come true for me with the help of Pandit Suresh ji and his team. Once again I have a deep debt of gratitude them.

Muktinaath Darshan and special pooja. The most important part of the trip has finally arrived. My long lasting dream of having darshan and receiving divine blessings have come true this day. All the hardship of trekking in a cold weather have simply disappeared in a split second of seeing physically the God - Sri Muktinath.

After performing 108 teertha snaanm and chanting Vishnu Shahasram naama parayanam at the very abode of paramathma is the very blissful experience of my life.

The special pooja Sankalpam and Archana arranged by Suresh are once in lifetime experience. Witnessing the evening Aarati of deity most memorable moments of life and this experience cannot be articulated and explained in simple words.

Shaligram Havan and pooja for the Shaligrams organised by Suresh ji are none other than that are direct divine blessings by the omnipotent Lord.

Over all I and my wife enjoyed every bit of this pilgrimage and many thanks Suresh ji and his team of Muktinath Yatra P. Ltd.—who organized the trip very well, with good accommodation and transportation at each part of the tour. Our heartfelt wishes to Muktinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd to lead devotees in their enriched spiritual path by organising such programs in future, highly recommend who considering having Darshan of Sri Muktinath the services of this team. Suresh’s ji team is not commercial like others but sincere , dedicated and service-oriented to devotees.



Vinod Rao from Dubai writes after successfully completing Muktinath special Tour with Acharya Suresh ji, " Jai shri Muktinath!!

It brings me great joy and happiness to share with you the spiritual experience that all of us witnesse throughout our journey.

I must say that if there is a customer service and customer engagement, one can find it's true essence with Muktinath Yatra P. Ltd. Everything was so well organized and taken care enabling us to enjoy the travel completely hassle free, right from the time we landed at Kathmandu airport, hotel bookings, great food throughout the yatra. We were blessed to have the company of Shri Suresh Sharma ji, such a noble soul with holistic abundance of knowledge from Vedas, Shastras and Sthala Puranas. He was our spiritual tour guide taking care of even the smallest of requirements to the most important visit and darshan of Shri muktinath. Suresh ji is very down to Earth, humble and Kind person that I have ever met in all my yatras in this lifetime. 

Like any divine Yatra we too faced some in land challanges however suresh ji and Ravi ji ensured that all logistics support is made available to make the best out of the trip.

To me Mutinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd. is your travel partner in Nepal. I highly recommend them to all the people around the world looking for spiritual yatras as well as for adventurous trekking activities. With gratitude and best wishes to all the team in Muktinath Yatra." 

Regards Vinod Rao and family.


Jai Sri Muktinath ! 

I am very glad that Muktinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd., Nepal now has developed their website  and dedicating the Yatris from all over the World. 

Muktinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd. is a well trained, service oriented and devoted company. I very much glad with their services for the last 5 years and strongly recommend to all those who wish to undertake tours to Nepal, China, Tibet, & India through Muktinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd.

I extend hearty Manalasasanam to the Managing Team & Staff of Muktinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd. and with the choicest blessings of Sri Sudarshana, the company will gain the highest reputation and shine like a brightest star of the divine sky!

With Manglalasaasanam !

S. Venkatesa Iyengar 
Founder: Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi.
Organizer: 1008 Sri Sudarshana Yagnas all around the World.


Ramani & Ram Prasad from Singapore write in their words,

Closing Comments:  Overall we enjoyed every minute of our stay in Nepal – Happy that we were in good company. We were very happy with Mr. Suresh as he took good care of us throughout the travel in Nepal.

Recommend Mukthinath Yatra Tours Company for anyone considering visiting Nepal – as this company has an excellent, qualified, committed team and provides excellent service and strives for high level of client satisfaction. Next year, we plan for Kailash Yatra. 


Sundarajan & Janakavalli from Hyderabad, India say, "We will surely recommend whole heartedly Mukthinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd. to our friends, relatives, business circle people for their service. As we are 100% satisfied with the services. My family members one and all expressed their satisfaction about the services/socially behaved nature of Mr. Suresh Ji, Mukthinath Yatra Pvt. Ltd. and their business associates.



 V. Ramesh from Mumbai concludes his trip saying, "The day was signed off with a meeting with the  Management team of Muktinath Yatra P. Ltd. It was nice to offer a feedback session of our successful  trip down to Nepal to the people who made this trip possible—the trio of M/s Mahadev, Suresh and  Ravi.  We would be leaving Nepal with happy memories by tomorrow morning—thanks to Muktinath  Yatra P. Ltd.—who organized the trip very well, with good accommodation and transportation at  each leg of the tour and also helped us find our South Indian food in all parts of Nepal. Would like to  conclude with a quote from Mr. Mahadev—“You come here as Guest but leave us as a Friend”. This  indeed is the feeling as we are closing down our journey to Nepal.  Sure we would be missing out  our friends from Muktinath Yatra P Ltd, as we step back into India by tomorrow”.


Nagesh Seemakurti from USA, “We have pleasant experience with MukthinathYatra Pvt. Ltd.  They are responsible and ‘deliver to promise’ guys.  Mr. Sharma accompanied us on the trip too. They made all the arrangements in advance and took care of everything for us making the trip a memorable one.I confidently recommend  Mukthinath Yatra to anyone traveling from overseas. Mr Suresh Sharma and Mr Ravi Bhattarai deserve the complements from us for the good work done.”


Srinivasan Ji from Bahrain says,
We really had a memorable tour.  We thank our elders, acharyas, our Lord Sriman Narayana and Goddess Mahalakshmi and Mukthinath Yatra team for making this happen to us.


“I sincerely express my appreciation to you for the kind of attention, care and service you provided for the Mukthinath Yatra. I’m very pleased and once again thank you for your service and cooperation. It was great pleasure having you as our tour organizer and guide,” says Subbarao, USA.


A.P. Lingam, UK writes us after his Yatra “I want to thank you for arranging our holiday in Nepal.  We travelled from Khathmandu to Kanyakumari and in Sri Lanka to Kathirkama at Southern end of Sri Lanka covering over 10,000 KM by bus and train. Now we want to appreciate the Muktinath Yatra service because we received the best service in Nepal among these three countries.”




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Jai Sri Muktinath ! I am very glad that Muktinath Yatra Private Limited, Nepal is opening their website and dedicating to Yatris from all over the World.

S. Venkatesa Iyengar

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