Kagbhusundi Sarobar (Tilicho Lake) - 3N & 4D

At nearly 5000m above sea level, Lake Tilcho, situated high up in the scenic Manang Valley is the collected glacial melt of the entire northern slopes of Annapurna and Throng Peak. Tilicho is not a prohibited area but by virtue of its remoteness and altitude, few tourists take off the popular Annapurna circuit to hike up to the lake which lies within the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).  

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Valmiki Gajendra Mokshyadham Darshan

Valmiki Gajendra Mokshyadham Darshan is the religious tour where you can visit many important religious sites of Nepal. Also you can visit many famous tourist destinations of Nepal and sightseeing around there.  

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Haleshi Mahadev Darshan

Haleshi temple is situated in the Khotang district of eastern Nepal . This is a small hilly area full of natural beauty. The location of the place itself is beautiful. One the other hand, the beautiful and mysterious natural caves; full of different natural images, look as if the stone carving artist have donelt carefully taking a lot of time. Here, the images are all inside the caves which themselves are mysterious.  

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Jai Sri Muktinath ! I am very glad that Muktinath Yatra Private Limited, Nepal is opening their website and dedicating to Yatris from all over the World.

S. Venkatesa Iyengar

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